Articles by Dennis Lynch

Graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst's fine Journalism program. Traveling will be a part of my job, I've got my eyes on South America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and east Asia. Off-time is spent playing and listening to music, and trying to understand jazz.

Kerry Putin meeting

Kerry And Putin Keep Dialogue Open

With a looming Iran nuclear deal deadline, a ceasefire in Ukraine barely holding and Syria in ruins, smiles and handshakes go a long way.
Homophobia In Sports

How Bad Is Homophobia In Sports?

The first report of its kind reveals homophobia is widespread both in team sports and among fan bases, but progress isn't impossible.
Liberia Ebola Free

Liberia Is Ebola-Free: Now What?

The collapse of Liberia's weak health-care system under Ebola left few resources to address other threats such as polio and measles.
David Cameron_May82015

Cameron, Conservatives Win

Polls had predicted a tight race but David Cameron’s Conservative Party overturned predictions with a surprising and emphatic win.
Cameron and wife

Conservatives Rising

In an especially tight U.K. election, Conservatives are on course to win the most seats, though full results are still unknown.