AMSTERDAM - All of the potentially interested buyers for the collapsed Dutch bank DSB have now withdrawn from any possible deal, the bank's administrators said on Wednesday.

DSB collapsed on Monday after a run on the bank cost it more than 600 million euros ($894.2 million) in deposits in 12 days. A government-led plan to rescue the bank via a consortium of five larger competitors also failed.

The administrators said in a statement they had received some expressions of interest, but that all interested parties had pulled out. They added they would report the same to the court on Wednesday.

The president of the central bank, Nout Wellink, said on Monday he expected the bank would probably be liquidated. That liquidation would help fund the guarantee on the bank's deposits, which otherwise have to be insured by other chartered Dutch banks.

Wellink said the maximum that will have to be insured is about 3.25 billion euros. (Reporting by Ben Berkowitz; Editing by Rupert Winchester)