On Saturday, one day after the Colombian national team lost to Brazil in a nail-biting 2-1 heartbreaker, the country's newspapers took a number of different approaches to packaging the story.

No person in Colombia could be unaware that the game had gone the way it had, with Colombia failing to advance past its first ever group of eight match and Brazil continuing its march toward the World Cup trophy the host country hopes to claim as its own.

But newspapers had to find ways to capture the moment on their front pages, and Colombia's news stands displayed various emotions, photographs and sentiments, all centered around the loss, which was seen as an unfortunate result by a team that should be praised effusively for getting as far as it did.

Here's a selection of Colombian newspaper covers, compiled by Imgur user wazzzzah and shared with the world by Reddit user tellman1257. The pages' headlines are translated into English in the captions below each image: