Have you ever thought of a trip, or a vacation out of this world, somewhere in the space? Well, if your wallet is big enough, you could be able to watch our blue planet turning while cavorting in zero-gravity with a cup of iced tea.

A Russian company, Orbital Technologies, has such pleasures in mind for its proposed Commercial Space Station, a space hotel for tourists and researchers that it hopes to have ready by 2016.

Space tourists, accompanied by experienced crew, will have to pay $818,000 for the trip on a Soyuz rocket and another $163,000 for a five-day and four-night stay, the company says.

The hotel will be aimed at wealthy individuals and people working for private companies who want to do research in space, said Sergei Kostenko, chief executive of Orbital Technologies. A hotel should be comfortable, and this one will be.

The amenities will include vertical or horizontal beds, real food prepared on Earth and sealed showers with running water. Even the International Space Station doesn't offer the last two.

But Orbital Technologies says for their liquid intake, guests will be restricted to iced tea and fruit juices. Alcohol will not be allowed.

In case of waste water, there will be a recycling process, while the air will be filtered to remove odor and bacteria before returned to cabins.

Check out the computer-generated images of the future of leisure vacations released by Orbital Technologies.