Copia, the social media-based eReading platform, announced recently it will be available as a touch-optimized, pre-loaded application on all upcoming Windows 7 tablets.

Copia, a part of the DMC Group of companies, made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The platform, which is available on the PC, Mac, Android devices and the iPad will now be a native desktop client on Windows 7 tablets and be supported Windows Phone 7 devices and IE9.

Copia's robust social eReading experience combined with cutting edge Windows 7 devices and tablets will change the way we enjoy books, magazines, and other digital content and how we share and interact with that content with our friends and others that share our reading interests. IE9 will enable Copia users easy access to activity streams, catalogs, and notebooks, allowing them to keep up with their friends and reading groups-transforming today's eReading experience into a unique social and sharing experience that transcends today's current eReader platforms, Ben Lowinger, executive vice president of Copia Interactive, said in a statement.

Copia boasts of a fully immersed e-reading platform, where users can share their insight, libraries and suggestions with friends. It has two modes: personal and universal. In personal, users can create book collections, search details and find out what their friends are reading. In universal, they can find out what everyone else is reading and buy the books directly from the site, which uses Adobe epub to make them available digitally.

As a new business Copia is able to quickly create a collection of tier one consumer experiences by tying into Windows to reach millions of customers globally. This encompasses Windows Phone 7, the Web through IE9 and Windows 7 PCs, sChris Bernard, Microsoft User Experience Advisor for Copia, said in a statement.

Copia sets the bar for what the next generation of eReader experiences should be on devices and the Web.

At the CES, Copia also expanded its influence by making itself available on the Droid X smartphone. This is one of several Android devices in which Copia is available on.