New York socialite Cornelia Guest is the latest celebrity to go naked for PETA's new anti-fur ad.

Cornelia Guest is the 47-year-old socialite daughter of late American actress and socialite C.Z. Guest.

In the new ads, Cornelia Guest is a picture of beauty with her shiny blonde hair hair, flawless skin and piecing eyes.

In a news post on its Web site, PETA stated that Cornelia used to wear fur but had a change of heart after learning more about the fur industry.

Now, Cornelia shuns animal products of all kinds -- she even launched her own line of non-leather handbags at Bloomingdale's, PETA wrote.

Cornelia Guest debuted her vegan handbag collection in three Bloomingdale's locations in September. Her spring collection has since been picked up by four additional Bloomingdale's locations namely Short Hills in New Jersey, Roosevelt Field on Long Island, Tysons Corner in Virginia and North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, according to reported that for her spring collection, Guest has expanded on her first 12-piece collection with 10 new styles.

PETA also said that at her birthday party on Nov.16, Cornelia Guest will donate all her old furs to PETA.

She is encouraging her guests to do the same, PETA stated on it Web site. PETA will mark the fur coats so that they can't be resold and will give them to the homeless so that they can be warmer this winter.