Bill Cosby offered to pay for Andrea Constand’s education and paid another woman after sex to keep the relationship hidden from his wife, the transcript of a deposition taken a decade ago showed, the Associated Press reported. Cosby said he funneled the money to one woman with whom he had sex through his agent so his wife would not find out.

Thirty-nine women have accused Cosby of raping or assaulting them in the past 40 years. He has never been criminally charged and has denied any wrongdoing, but the accusations have shattered his family man image and have taken a massive toll on his professional career. In the most recent developments of Cosby's public downfall, a transcript of the deposition from a lawsuit filed a decade ago by Andrea Constand reveals Cosby had sexual relationships with various women and tried to keep his affairs a secret from his wife.

Cosby said he figured his wife would have known he was helping Constand with her education, but she would not have known it was because they were having sex, the Associated Press reported.

Cosby and Constand had a friendly relationship for several years after they met in the early 2000s, and Cosby had conversations with her about her family and future education. That relationship ended when Cosby drugged and molested Constand in his Pennsylvania home, Constand claimed.

"I think Andrea is a liar and I know she's a liar because I was there" after he was asked about how he felt about Constand crying during her deposition, Cosby told Constand’s attorney, the Associated Press reported.  

RTR4KGUM Since last year, 39 women have come forward, accusing Cosby of assaulting or raping them. Pictured, Two women who allege they were sexually assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby, Linda Kirkpatrick (left) and an unidentified woman, sit with lawyer Gloria Allred (right) at a news conference in Los Angeles, Jan. 7, 2015. Photo: Reuters

Cosby also admitted he obtained quaaludes with the intention of giving them young women with whom he wanted to have sex. He also suggested he was skilled at understanding women and nonverbal cues for sexual consent, and admitted to having had sexual liaisons with at least five women.

Cosby kept the deposition private for years, but a federal judge unsealed a 62-page memorandum of law in the case earlier this month, the New York Times reported. The lawsuit was filed by Constand, a former Temple University employee, and was settled in 2006 for an undisclosed amount. Because of a confidentiality clause that was part of the settlement, the parties involved were prohibited from releasing the memorandum, but the deposition itself was not sealed.

Cosby was not charged in the case, but Bruce Castor, the Pennsylvania prosecutor in the Constand case, told the Associated Press if he were elected again he would review the unsealed documents to see if Cosby had committed perjury.

Last year, 39 women claimed Cosby had sexually assaulted or raped them. Currently, women who accused Cosby of rape or assault are pursuing civil claims in three suits. Los Angeles police also said they were reviewing a complaint of sexual nature against Cosby. His upcoming NBC show was killed, "The Cosby Show" reruns have been taken off TV Land and Netflix has postponed his stand-up comedy special.