Big box retailer Costco has added Super Bowl XLVI tickets to its wide variety of items sold in its stores.

The wholesale company is offering tickets to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis for $2,999.99 per ticket. It is also offering two-ticket packages for $9,999.99 and $15,499.99. It has previously sold tickets to last year's Super Bowl, the Masters, and other major sporting events.

Costco's Super Bowl ticket prices are significantly higher than the tickets available at ticket seller StubHub, which has tickets for as low as $2,275.00, but do come with extra amenities.

The single ticket allows access to a pregame party with Archie Manning, according to The Los Angeles Times, while the two-ticket packages come with hotel accommodations. The $9,999.999 two-ticket package comes with admission to the pregame party, four nights at an Indianapolis hotel, and access to the Taste of the NFL, a wine tasting event.

StubHub isn't offering a package with hotel accommodations, which are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, but has set up a free tailgate for anyone that purchases a Super Bowl ticket through its service. StubHub spokesperson Joellen Ferrer said that the company expects $4,000 to $5,000 fans at its free tailgate of food and drinks only a few blocks away from Lucas Oil Stadium.

We realize a lot of people are traveling and might not have a pregame tailgate to go to or have a set plan.

In general it pays to wait to buy Super Bowl tickets as prices typically drop when it gets closer to the actual Super Bowl. At StubHub prices have fluctuated to below $1,600, but have usually stayed above the $2,000 price range.

The game will take place on Feb. 5th and pit the New England Patriots against the New York Giants.