Courtney Stodden was kicked off VH1's "Couple Therapy" on Wednesday night's episode after she refused to abide by the household rules, specifically regarding her "hypersexual" appearance. 

After causing a ruckus in the house for wearing skimpy clothing, Dr. Jenn Berman finally gave "teen bride" Stodden an ultimatum, change your clothes or leave; and the 18-year-old chose the latter.
"I'm not willing to change for the household rules," she told the doctor when she was given the ultimatum. "Like you know I am an activist for bullying and I feel like in this house there's been a lot of bullying." 
Dr. Berman responded to her with, "So you're telling me that your sense of self is so fragile that wearing clothes that cover up your breasts, abdomen and crotch for one week is more than you can handle?" 
Dr. Beman is generally more reserved on the show, but it seems she's had enough with Stodden's inappropriate attire and how it affected the other patients she is trying to treat. After Stodden began to argue with her, trying to explain why her clothing was fine to wear, the doctor ultimately cut her off with, "I don't want to see underwear in therapy." 
"You walking in into this house knowing you're breaking the dress code and not obeying the dress code if saying a "fuck you" to me, to this process to everyone here," she said. "But if you are angry with this process than say it to me... say it with your words [instead of your body.]" 
It was almost as if Dr. Berman were talking to a 4-year-old child. 
Just when it seemed like Stodden's back was against the wall, 52-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison chimed in, "What about Erin Brockovich?" 
"Yeah, what about Erin Brockovich?" Stodden parroted back to the doctor. 
"I love powerful women, she would not change her clothes," she said. "She is strong, she is courageous in this sense." 
"I feel like whatever you're being bullied for you shouldn't change and I'm not going to budge, I'm just not." 
But that wasn't the answer Dr. Berman wanted to hear, "If you're not willing to follow the dress code than you have to leave," she said. 
Some joked they were surprised Stodden even knew who Erin Brockovich was; her story that was made into a film staring Julia Roberts was released when she was 5 years old.
For those who are fans of Stodden and Hutchison, don't worry, promos reveal America's most controversial couple will be back next week.