The family of a Brazilian man who died after a cow fell on him is blaming a hospital and not the bovine for his death, claiming doctors took too long to treat Joao Maria de Souza.

De Souza, 45, who was asleep in his bed, was seriously injured after the cow went through his roof in Caratinga and fell on him, the Daily Mirror reported. It’s believed that the cow escaped a local grazing ground in the Brazilian town and somehow broke through the fence of de Souza’s home before climbing on top of the roof.

De Souza’s wife was in the bed as well, and the one-ton cow narrowly missed falling on her, the Associated Press reported.

De Souza suffered a fractured leg, internal bleeding and chest and abdomen injuries, according to the Daily Mirror. His death certificate showed he died from “acute hemorrhage and thoracoabdominal trauma,” according to a coroner’s analysis.

His family has expressed outrage at the hospital that treated de Souza, claiming that he might still be alive if doctors quickly responded to his case.

"Being crushed by a cow is the last way you expect to leave this earth,” de Souza’s brother-in-law told Brazilian newspaper Hoje em Dia. "But in my view it wasn't the cow that killed our João, it was the unacceptable time he spent waiting to be examined."

Relatives of de Souza said he was conscious and “appeared to be in good condition” when he arrived at the hospital, according to the BBC.