Mac users can now rejoice that there is now CyanogenMod Installer support for Apple devices. The custom ROM team recently announced the CyanogenMod Installer for Mac, which is currently still in a beta phase, but is available for a number of mobile devices.

Devices currently supported by the CyanogenMod Installer for Mac include the Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Availability varies by model so users will want to check and see if their specific model is supported. Find the full list of Mac support below.

Users should keep in mind that they must turn off Gatekeeper when running the CyanogenMod Installer on their Mac device for the first time. Additionally, it appears the installer is not compatible with several earlier version of OS X. One early adopter says his attempt to put the CyanogenMod Installer on a MacBook running OS X 10.5.8 was met with the following message:

"You cannot use this version of the application CyanogenMod Installer with this version of Mac OS X."

Other users are having varied experiences with the installer. While some have had no problems with the CyanogenMod Installer, others have not been as lucky. Installer crashes and incompatibility notices for supported devices are among the most frequent complaints. Several users running Mavericks have also reported issues.     

But as CyanogenMod continues to develop its installer for Mac, there will likely be more devices supported and more bug fixes.

Those interested can keep up to date with the CyanogenMod Installer Mac Beta here.

cmod support 1 Devices supported by CyanogenMod Installer Mac Beta Photo: CyanogenMod

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