A-Team, with their renewed attack on the LulzSec hacking group has wobbled up a whole new chapter in the world of cyber attacks.

A-Team has declared an open war against their compatriots by making public all the LulzSec members' email addresses, phone numbers and personal details, including girlfriend’s name and family information, the New York Times reported.

A-Team believes that LulzSec are a minor brunch of kids who lack any kind of skill to do anything big rather than go after small bounties.

LulzSec before disbanding has been in the news for hacking prominent online websites of Sony Corp., the Arizona State Police Dept., and even the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). LulzSec under anti-sec operation has declared war against all government sites, banks and corporations.

The security agencies will gain the most from this Cyber Gang war. Now, whether LulzSec will come back with a retreated attack on A-Team or whether they will bog down like other miser web criminals is a something that is to be watched out for.