D. Smith is bumping heads with yet another cast member on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” The transgender music producer, who joined the show in Season 5, manages to offend Ariane during a meeting to talk about them working together on some music.

In a sneak peek of episode 14, Ariane is excited to meet up with D. Smith in the studio but things quickly go wrong when she finds out that D. Smith asked vocal coach James Slaughter to be there. Instead of talking about a possible collaboration, D. Smith wants James to work with Ariane on her range. When Ariane doesn’t quite hit the notes she’s supposed to, D. Smith starts to question whether Ariane is ready to get to work. “Oh, God. I think Ariane is kind of jumping the gun a little bit,” she says during her confessional. “There’s so much we have to do before we get writers in and guitar players … We gotta talk.”

D. Smith tells Ariane there’s a lot of work she has to do and Ariane doesn’t take too kindly to the criticism. “I thought I was here to discuss music,” she says to the camera. “I thought D would have a track for me that we could collab on, but instead I feel like I’m here auditioning for a gig. I’ve been singing all my life, and this is something that I’m ready to put the work in for but D is coming off a bit condescending right now.”

In the end, Ariane tells D. Smith that it’s best they don’t work together and the producer fires back that Ariane is just trying to be “comfortable.” Ariane gets upsets and tries to explain that she’s still “developing as an artist” but D. Smith isn’t buying it telling her cast mate that she’s not going to reach her full potential as an artist if she keeps looking for someone to take it easy on her. Ariane eventually storms out of the studio session.

Ariane isn’t the only “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member D. Smith has argued with. She bumped heads with Tammy Rivera earlier in the season over comments Tammy’s husband, Waka Flocka Flame, made about the transgender community. Tammy and D. Smith met up to try and squash their beef but their meeting was not a success.

In an interview with VH1 in April, Tammy explained that her meeting with D. Smith was a disaster because D. Smith supposedly referred to herself as a “serpent.” “What you didn’t see was, she was like, ‘Oh, I’m like a snake.’ She was just f---ing weird,” she said.  

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