The government of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where a man had been lynched over rumors about eating beef, did not mention about “beef consumption” in its report to the country's central government.

A man named Mohammad Akhlaq was killed in Dadri town city in Uttar Pradesh by a mob of around 200 people after there were rumors that the man and his family consumed beef and stored cow meat at home. Six people were arrested in connection to the incident which sparked controversy worldwide.

The central government of India asked for a report from the state government which submitted it four days after it had been asked to do so. The report, however, does not include specific mentions of “cow slaughter” or “eating beef.”

Instead, the report said that some unidentified people attacked Akhlaq and his son over unconfirmed allegations of the consumption of an animal “prohibited from slaughter.” The report, which happens to be a factual description, gives no reference to possible circumstances behind the murder.

"It is more a factual report that reproduces the contents of the FIR registered at Dadri," a senior official of the Indian home ministry told the Times of India, a local newspaper.

The Dadri incident has left moderate Hindus agitated. A hashtag #JeSuisAkhlaq started trending on Twitter while several people started expressing their concern regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, some people are offended because Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not spoken about the incident yet.