China's sensor software rule delayed', not confirmed for how long

Facing strong resistance at home and abroad, China on Tuesday delayed implementation of a controversial rule that requires all manufacturers to install Internet filtering software on all new computers that are shipped and sold in China.

Rules released for distribution of broadband stimulus funds

The Obama administration on Wednesday published the criteria it will use to hand out billions of dollars in stimulus funds aimed at developing the infrastructure to deliver broadband Internet access to areas that are underserved or without access.

Facebook to revise its privacy controls

Facebook on Wednesday announced it will simplify the settings that allow users to control who sees what content they share on the site, acknowledging that its existing privacy tools have grown unwieldy. The changes follow the recent announcement of new settings for publishing content that allow you to choose to post items that everyone, not just your friends, can see. Many see both moves in part as Facebook's attempt to blunt the rapid rise of microblogging service Twitter.