U.S. Senate delays climate bill writing until September

The U.S. Senate has delayed the date to finish writing its version of an important climate bill until September and not in early August as it was expected. The decision raises about whether the bill will be delivered to President Barack Obama before U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen in December, Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Barbara Boxer said today, according to Reuters.

Natural Gas Inventories rose less than expected

The Energy Information Administration said in its weekly report that U.S. inventories of natural gas rose 75 billion cubic feet to 2.796 trillion cubic feet in the week ended July 3, less than the 85 billion cubic feet analysts forecasted, according to Bloomberg.

China increases spending for energy efficiency

China will spend $5.6 billion (38 billion yuan) from the central state budget for energy efficiency projects for 2009 to reduce emissions, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said in a statement Thursday. The amount is larger than 30.5 million yuan in 2008 and 23.7 billion yuan in 2007.