Financial reforms grind forward in Congress

The U.S. Congress edged closer on Wednesday to creating new government powers to break up giant financial firms, which Europe is already doing, while a U.S. derivatives market crackdown got more complicated. Read Full Article here.

Reid unveils broad Senate healthcare plan

U.S. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid released a long-awaited healthcare reform plan on Wednesday that budget analysts said would extend coverage to tens of millions of the uninsured and reduce the deficit over 10 years. Read Full Article here.

Dell sees public-sector boost from Perot deal

Computer maker Dell said its Perot Systems acquisition will boost its IT services offering to the public sector, as some of its government customers face a freeze on spending due to the recession. Read Full Article here.

Liberty sets DirecTV loose for sale, merger

The naming of a new CEO at DirecTV Group Inc could signal it's time for a takeover bid for the satellite TV company. Read Full Article here.

Cadbury's best defense may be hope of a new offer

Thanks to Ferrero and Hershey, Cadbury may finally have a bargaining position. Read Full Article here.

Sony says e-readers in demand, shipments delayed

Sony Corp said on Wednesday that early demand for its latest electronic reader was higher than expected in advance of the holidays and shipment delays could result. Read Full Article here.

Small bank index suggests recovery is elusive

A sustained U.S. economic recovery is unlikely until all banks, and not just the big institutions bailed out with government funds, start to recover from the effects of the financial crisis, according to longtime investment strategist Don Coxe. Read Full Article here.