Dell CEO expects IT spending bounce

Dell Inc Chief Executive Michael Dell said the business climate was improving and repeated his expectation for a powerful hardware refresh cycle beginning next year. Read Full Article here.

FM Radio heading to iPhone's and iTouch's everywhere

Apple may be on the verge of launching a new iPhone and iTouch radio application that will allow users to listen to FM radio, according to rumors that have leaked online. Read Full Article here.

Will solar speed up emerging cell phone revolution?

Watching his sons kick around a makeshift ball made from tightly bound plastic bags, Ugandan handyman Jackson Mawa marvels at the way business has improved since he bought a solar-powered mobile phone. Read Full Article here.

Apple slams jailbreaking in latest iPhone shipment

Apple has taken steps to ensure a new shipment of iPhone 3GS smartphones is more hack-proof than ever, according to reports. Read Full Article here.