U.S. takes aim at executive pay

U.S. officials on Thursday took aim at generous executive pay packages, saying it was offensive that firms receiving substantial taxpayer aid paid their officers and other top employees so lavishly. Read Full Article here.

U.S. Economy: Leading Economic Indicators Rise for Sixth Straight Month

A U.S. index of leading economic indicators rose for the sixth straight month in September, with eight of ten indicators increasing for the month, suggesting a recovery in the U.S. economy is developing, the privately held non-profit Conference Board said on Thursday. Read Full Article here.

Wal-Mart keeps conservative growth approach

Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Thursday it will keep its conservative approach to U.S. expansion as it pours resources into renovating stores or exploring higher-return investments abroad. Read Full Article here.

U.S. stimulus needed until private sector begins borrowing: Koo

The chief economist at Nomura Securities' research arm said Thursday that the U.S. government must keep spending money to boost the economy to avoid the same stagnation Japan suffered in the 1990s. Read Full Article here.

FCC commissioners support open Internet rule

U.S. communications regulators voted unanimously to support an open Internet rule that would prevent telecom network operators from barring or blocking content based on the revenue it generated. Read Full Article here.

Cost cuts at Big Pharma fail to excite

Cost cuts helped drugmakers shore up profits in the third quarter, but concerns over sustainable revenue growth continues to worry investors. Read Full Article here.

AT&T tops estimates as customers flock to wireless

AT&T Inc reported stronger-than-expected third-quarter profit as the glitzy iPhone and low budget Tracfone service attracted a record number of wireless customers. Read Full Article here.