Reid says healthcare bill to include public option

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said on Monday the Senate's sweeping healthcare reform bill would include a government-run insurance plan that lets states opt out of participation if they choose. Read Full Article here.

U.S. economic data reinforce idea recession ending

Regional economic reports on Monday suggested the U.S. economy has clambered back to levels associated with the end of recession, but recovery will be patchy and may prove fleeting. Read Full Article here.

Obama readies tougher too big to fail strategy

The Obama administration within days will move to get tougher with large financial firms that are in trouble by urging Congress to let the government seize control, wipe out shareholders, boot management and restructure debts, an administration official said on Monday. Read Full Article here.

Madoff friend drowned due to heart attack: police

Billionaire philanthropist Jeffry Picower accidentally drowned in his Florida swimming pool after suffering a heart attack, police investigating the death of the prominent Bernard Madoff investor said on Monday. Read Full Article here.

UBS hires former Citi, Barclays banker

UBS AG hired a former Citigroup and Barclays Capital banker as managing director in its investment banking department in the Americas, as the Swiss company expects equity sales to increase in 2010. Read Full Article here.

Public finance can scale up climate investment

Public finance could help stimulate private investment in climate change solutions in developing countries, a report commissioned by the United Nations' Environment Program showed on Monday. Read Full Article here.

Bankers gather in Chicago, face protests

A top banking industry group on Monday defended the practices of traditional banks while facing protesters who railed against Wall Street abuses. Read Full Article here.