The Dalai Lama's nephew Jigme K. Norbu was tragically killed when he was hit by an SUV on State Road A1A along Florida's eastern coast, where he was on a walk to raise awareness about Tibet's struggle for independence from China. Norbu was the son of the spiritual leader's deceased brother Taktser Rinpoche.

According to a report by The Associated Press, the accident occurred around 7:30 in the evening on Monday, when  Norbu was on a Valentine's Day Walk for Tibet some 300 miles from St. Augustine south to West Palm Beach. A resident of the United States,  he is known to have undertaken such walks in the past as well in the country, once notably in the past on a 900-mile stretch from New York to Indiana.

Norbu was killed presumably as he was walking along the white line on the side of the dark highway. The SUV was driven by 31-year old Keith R. O'Dell, who has not been charged.