The tension on “Dallas” is reaching a breaking point. All hell broke loose on Monday’s episode, “Hurt,” when Elena discovered John Ross’s incriminating letter. Now Season 3 is reaching its climax and with the company going public, if the Ewing family doesn’t pull itself together, it could be too late. Things are not going to get any easier in next week’s Episode 12, “Victims of Love.” The synopsis promises more scandal and histrionics on the TNT drama.

The last episode saw the clash between Elena and the Ewings as she confronted the family about the letter proving J.R. had stolen her family’s land from her father and framed Cliff Barnes for murder. The revelation set off a chain reaction of anger, with John Ross and Christopher mad at Elena for digging up the past, Anne and Sue Ellen mad at Bobby for lying, Elena mad at the Ewings and Bobby mad at everyone.

The synopsis for “Victims of Love” doesn’t give any hint of things calming down. Next week the company finally will go public and fans will see if Nicholas’ plan to steal the Ewing fortune works or if Bobby and Christopher will get to him first. Bobby will be getting in touch with an old flame to help hold onto the company (will this be the announced return of Tracy Mckay?) and Pamela, who has had a rough go of things lately, will struggle with the truth about her father, Cliff. Meanwhile, Judith and Harris Ryland must work to fix their problems with the cartel after Emma’s meddling.

Will the company's going public spell the end of the family’s fortune? Or will Bobby be able to rescue Souhtfork from Nicholas and the cartel? Fans will have to tune in next week to find out.

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