Did Julianne and Derek Hough just spill the beans about who the final Season 20 contestant of “Dancing with the Stars” is? While promoting their upcoming “Move Live” tour during a Q&A with AOL Build on Monday, the dancing duo were asked to shed some light on who the mysterious celeb set to compete in the 2015 installment of the hit ABC reality series could possibly be.

Last week on “Good Morning America” only 11 out of the 12 celebrity contestants were announced during the anticipated unveiling. The Season 20 roster included a wide array of stars from Rumer Willis to LMFAO singer Redfoo. But despite the big reveal, audiences couldn’t help but focus on the one contestant who wasn’t mentioned -- the contestant who would be partnered with the current mirror ball champion Witney Carson.

Fans immediately speculated that the secretive competitor could be “The Bachelor” star Chris Soules -- especially after Tom Bergeron’s introductory flub. The long-time host of “DWTS” teased that the 12th contestant would be announced at a later time seeing that the mystery contestant wasn’t exactly a morning person.

“He couldn’t rose, I mean rise early enough,” Bergeron said, leaving viewers to make the correlation between the iconic Bachelor flower and the dancing series.

So, what did the Hough’s have to say about Soules possibly shimmying his way to victory during the show’s 10-year-anniversary installment?

“You know…” Derek started off, causing the crowd to inch closer to the edge of their seats. “Oh my god, everyone loves ‘The Bachelor’ this season!” Julianne, who will be reprising her role as a judge this season, interjected.

“I don’t know,” she continued. “Is that like, a thing [for ‘Bachelor’ stars to compete]? I don’t even know.”

Melissa Rycroft-Strickland, who participated as a bachelorette on the 13th season of “The Bachelor,” appeared on both Season 8 and 15 of “DWTS.” In addition, Sean Lowe, who starred in the 8th season of the ABC reality series, laced up his dancing shoes to appear on Season 13 of the dancing show.

Without wanting to give any more clues away, Derek concluded the rumors with one last teasing tidbit:

“I do actually know who it is, ha, ha, ha! I can’t say it,” he joked.

Viewers were given another clue as to who the final Season 20 contestant would be when Carson posted a suspicious photo to Instagram. “Just moments away from meeting my new partner!” she gushed. “Sooooo excited I can’t even contain it.” The image was taken in a rural area, leaving viewers to wonder if Carson was roaming around Prince Farming’s hometown of Arlington, Iowa.

But it was the final clue that had us nearly convinced Soules, an apparent dancing machine, would be competing in Season 20 of “DWTS.” During an interview with E! News, “The Bachelor” star expressed his interest in appearing on the long-running series.

"At this point, why not?" he said. "I went through The Bachelorette’ and never thought I'd do that and did it and it was a great experience. Now being the Bachelor, it's been an extraordinary experience... I'm open to a lot of opportunities; I'd be willing to consider these sort of things. But I'm going to do what's best for me and do what's right and what I feel is right for my future."

Do you think Soules is the 12th and final Season 20 contestant of “Dancing with the Stars”? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories! “Dancing with the Stars” will premiere on Monday, March 16.