Witney Carson is coming clean. On Tuesday, the “Dancing With the Stars” pro, who is currently competing on Season 21 of the hit ABC series, opened up for the first time about a “devastating” moment in her life that nearly ended her dancing career.

The 22-year-old performer explained her jaw-dropping story on the medical talk show “The Doctors,” telling audiences that it all began when she was just a child -- dreaming of becoming a professional dancer. And that dream came true for Carson after she appeared on the hit reality series “So You Think You Can Dance.”

“It launched my career,” Carson attributed her success to the dance series, explaining that’s how producers from “DWTS” found her and ultimately asked her to become a troupe dancer on the long-running show. Then two years later, the blond-haired ballroom dancer received the news that she was being promoted to the position of a professional dancer for Season 18 of “DWTS.”

“[I] was so happy,” Carson stated. “But right after I got the call, I received the scariest news I’ve ever heard.”

The performer revealed that she noticed a little mole on her left foot, which she got checked out per her mother’s request. “We got a call and it said it was positive for melanoma,” Carson divulged, adding that her doctor explained to her the severity of her situation. According to the Emmy-winning choreographer, if she had waited six more weeks, she would have had to go through chemotherapy because the cancer would have spread “all the way to her heart.”

“It was devastating,” Carson recalled. “Your feet are everything when you’re a dance. I didn’t know if I would ever dance again.”

That fear became quite real for Carson when she wasn’t able to walk six weeks after her surgery. Then when Witney finally returned to the ballroom floor -- tragedy struck.

“My first day back as a pro I was rehearsing and I looked down at my foot and there was blood everywhere,” she recanted. “The scar had completely ripped open. I pushed it to the limit too soon.”

But thankfully, Carson’s foot was able to re-heal itself.

“I feel so grateful that I’m here alive, healthy and that I have both of my feet so that I can dance for as long as I can,” she said on "The Doctors."

Carson is now competing on Season 21 of “DWTS” with actor Carlos PenaVega.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.