Paige VanZant might have rocked the ballroom with a frisky samba Monday night, but it was her chemistry with troupe member Alan Bersten that really stole the show! During Week 9 of “Dancing With the Stars,” the Season 22 contestant addressed her rumored relationship with the dancer on the hit ABC series.

“Me and Alan are friends!” Mark Ballas’ partner said in her pre-package footage, after getting put on the spot by a producer.

Reports first surfaced about a potential romance when a source dished to “Entertainment Tonight” that the two, who performed together during Week 2, were romantically linked.

“They just got to know one another during the show and rehearsal [and] they took a liking to one another,” the insider stated to the outlet. “They aren’t really [showing] it off, but they are definitely interested in one another.”

The show’s co-host Erin Andrews decided to get to the bottom of this steamy mystery by asking the two after their Week 9 trio dance if their chemistry was just for show or the real deal.

“What is going on between you and this fine bird?” the journalist asked the two, who were sporting peacock ensembles for their jungle-inspired semifinal routine. Paige pled the 5th and told the reporter to ask Alan, who Erin called out for “shaking.”

The troupe member tried his best to dance around the uncomfortable inquiry but soon realized that Erin wasn’t going to back down. “That question [is] not being diverted is it?” he asked. “I’m in awe for words.”

Although Paige and Alan may not have gotten a perfect score for honesty, they did receive all 10s for their trio dance with Mark.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.