The Honolulu FBI has received “credible intelligence” that FBI's most wanted domestic terrorist, Daniel Andreas San Diego, may be hiding in Hawaii, reports said Wednesday, adding that the FBI's office in San Francisco has its agents searching for the terrorist in the island’s eastern district of Puna and in the small town of Pahoa.

San Diego, 36, is accused of bombing two San Francisco Bay Area companies with ties to a lab that conducted animal experiments. He reportedly bombed the headquarters of Chiron Corporation in Emeryville, Calif., in August 2003, and in September 2003, he was involved in bombing a nutritional products corporation in Pleasanton, Calif., with a bomb strapped with nails.

“He may or may not actually be on Hawaii Island, but we are taking this lead seriously out of genuine concern for local residents,” Tom Simon, FBI special agent, reportedly said. “It’s important to recognize that this guy is considered armed and dangerous.  If you know where he is, please just call it in.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt trying to be a hero.”

The agency has reportedly announced a $250,000 reward for information that may lead to San Diego’s arrest. Earlier this month, San Diego’s images appeared on electronic billboards from California to New York for about a week.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt, co-owner of Jeff Hunt Surfboards in Pahoa, reportedly told local media: “It is one of those things about Puna and Pahoa and the Big Island is that there's people hiding in plain sight.”

An employee at the Jeff Hunt Surfboards said that the FBI circulated a flyer for San Diego, hoping that some of the residents may recognize him.

"If Hawaii Island residents would help the FBI by circulating the fugitive's photos on their social networks, we'd sure appreciate it," Simon said.

The FBI reportedly said that San Diego is extremely secretive and the only distinctive thing about him are his tattoos -- a burning hillside in the center of his chest with the words, "It only takes a spark" written below, and a burning collapsed building on his back.

According to Associated Press, FBI spokesman Peter Lee declined to reveal the nature of the “credible intelligence” that compelled the agents to begin the search for San Diego in Hawaii.

This is the second and most specific alert the FBI has reportedly issued since San Diego disappeared in October 2003 in San Francisco. In 2011, the FBI said it had "substantive and credible" information that San Diego might be in western Massachusetts after it received a lead followed the airing of the television show, “America’s Most Wanted.”