The latest leaked footage reveals Bruce Wayne, Batman, and Selina Kyle, Catwoman, filming a scene on set at the Wollaton Hall. Both Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway are acting in the rain and we can see production staff hosing down one of the building's column to create a water drenched scene. The two seems to converse, and then head down the front steps of Wayne Manor holding hands.

Wayne and Kyle appear close speculating some rumors about romance emerging between the two characters for the Dark Knight Rises film.

The Dark Knight Rises film may also feature some football scenes. Casting is currently being done to hire football players to represent team Gotham.

We are searching for males, ages 22 to 35, with extensive football experience. You should have collegiate experience, but cannot be on NCAA scholarship currently. The will be filming for (TDKR) will take place in the Pittsburgh area, beginning in early August, wrote Sports Studio Casting.

Watch the latest leaked footage below thanks to Batman-news. Also read other related Dark Knight Rises news.

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