It made perfect sense to pair up The Dark Knight Rises with an equally explosive action movie trailer with an all-star cast. Warner Bros. picked a preview for the mafia-style film Gangster Squad to run before the Dark Knight Rises, but in less than 24 hours after the film premiered, what a poor decision that would turn out to be.

As many know by now, a lone gunman opened fire on a crowd of people and killed at least 12 movie patrons attending a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo., just a few miles outside of Denver. Dozens of people are currently being treated at local area hospitals. The shooting occurred roughly 20 minutes into the film.

What's both spooky and saddening is that the preview for Gangster Squad, which Warner Bros. confirms ran before The Dark Knight Rises, depicts a similar scene towards the end of the trailer where masked men shoot up a crowd full of movie patrons.

Deadline Hollywood's editor-in-chief Nikki Finke was the first to report this news based on several tips from moviegoers. She said that Warner Bros. had not considered pulling the trailer in light of this morning's tragedy until she wrote in and complained.

There's a meeting about this and then a decision will be reached, Warner Bros. originally told Finke.

By mid-morning on Friday, Finke received the call that the trailer is being pulled.

Check out the trailer below, and you can see for yourself how the scene closely mirrors the tragic events that occurred this morning in Aurora. The footage in question begins at the two-minute mark.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of this senseless tragedy.