The Dark Knight Rises may possibly be seeing scenes of either Bane or Bruce Wayne as a prisoner inside a Siberian war camp.  The latest news came from Bedfordshire News as an owner of a recycling company in Bedford UK was contacted by the movie's production team and was asked to provide materials to be used on the set of the upcoming Batman film. 

It was reported that the scene would be involving a Siberian Prisoner of War camp.  Clips from the latest teaser trailer depict a character doing pushups inside a prison like environment.  Fans are left wondering whether Bruce Wayne or Bane was the character doing those exercises. 

At this point it is unclear how the scraps are going to be used.  Speculations are it may also be for a scene involving a military aircraft which has been filming in a hangar located in Cardington UK. 

A prison war camp scene is very probable as clues from the trailer along with Bane's comic book back story.  Bane spent his childhood and adult life in a prison where he built up his body in the prison gym.  He would later participate in a scientific experiment that injected a drug called Venom that is pumped into his veins. 

Bruce Wayne would also have a good case to be shown in the prison camp scene. In the first film Batman Begins, Wayne spent time in various prison camps, including one where he first met Ra's Al Ghul and joined the League of Shadows. 

Check out on set and trailer photos below.  What do you think?  Will there be a prison scene with Bane in it?