The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan were warmly welcomed to the city of Pittsburgh with a laser show displaying the bat signal and a twenty minute press conference.  Batman actor Christian Bale was one of the people introduced at the conference and during his one minute speech thanked the city and mentioned about plenty of fighting sequences to be shot on the streets. 

Speakers at the conference included the City mayor, Governor, County Executive along with the batman film's team of Nolan, Bale, Emma Thomas, and Kevin De La Noy.  The movie begins filming this week and will remain in Pittsburgh for a month shooting at various locations near Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburgh Steelers football stadium Heinz Field. 

According to Pittsburghlive, crowd scenes are to be scheduled for shooting throughout the weekend, some at the front steps of Carnegie Mellon University.  Scheduled traffic closures and streets will be blocked off by police in the coming weeks. 

"When you're making a large-scale action film that has to showcase the vitality and size of a large American city but also involves a certain amount of disruption to that city in order to make the action credible on screen," said Nolan.

Check out a video of The Dark Knight Rises press conference held in Pittsburgh.

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