At E3 2013, From Software, developer of "Dark Souls 2," sequel to the action-RPG "Dark Souls," provided details regarding its upcoming sequel, which is currently slated for a March 2014 release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

If you had any concerns about From Software turning down the murderous level of difficulty featured in "Dark Souls," fear not. "Dark Souls 2" promises to be just as challenging, if not more so.

Now for some game play details: Players will be able to dual-wield weapons in "Dark Souls 2," permitting you to render considerable amounts of death and destruction on your foes.

Available character classes will include a warrior-class that uses holy-esque magic, akin to the Paladin in "Diablo 2." There's also a warrior-knight class, a more traditional fighter class that specializes in swordsmanship and archery. "Dark Souls 2" will feature a high level of character customization, though developer From Software is currently tight-lipped on the details pertaining to this feature.

Check out "Dark Souls 2" in action below.

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