A New Orleans police officer and Travis Boys -- a suspect being transferred to a prison -- were involved in a scuffle before the latter fatally shot the officer Saturday, according to court documents released Monday. The documents shed light on the moments before the death of Officer Daryle Holloway.

The incident took place when Holloway was transporting Boys to Orleans Parish Prison after he was arrested on charges of aggravated battery. Boys reportedly shot Holloway from the back of the vehicle and escaped by crawling out through an access window in the front. Boys was again taken into custody Sunday, ending a massive citywide manhunt following the shooting.

"While Officer Holloway struggled with Boys over control of the weapon, Boys yelled three times, 'Let me go before you kill yourself’," the documents said, according to the Associated Press (AP). "Holloway grew weak from his injury and could no longer hold on to Boys," officers reportedly said, according to the documents, adding that the police vehicle later crashed into a utility pole.

Details of what happened before Holloway’s death were confirmed by a body camera on the 46-year-old, who had served with the local police department for 22 years.

Authorities are reportedly investigating how Boys got hold of a gun, which he used to kill Holloway. Police reportedly confirmed that the 33-year-old suspect did not use Holloway’s gun, which was still in his holster. Two guns were recovered from the vehicle -- a .38-caliber revolver that Boys used in the initial assault that led to his arrest and a .40-caliber, which was used to kill Holloway.

The officer died at a hospital from a single gunshot to his chest that pierced his lungs, heart and major blood vessels, the city's coroner said, according to AP. His funeral is reportedly scheduled for Saturday.

Hours before he fatally Holloway, Boys allegedly threatened to kill his wife at his home in St. Roch, a local news network said, citing the warrant. Police arrived at the residence after an “aggravated assault” call was reported. 

The summons filed in a municipal court reportedly suggests that the incident at Boys' home could have been more serious as he allegedly fired a semi-automatic handgun at his wife. He was arrested after veteran Officer Wardell Johnson, who responded to the call, questioned Boys' wife.