This week’s episode of “DASH Dolls” is full of drama. Apart from conflicts between the DASH employees, sales support girl Taylor Cuqua is struggling with her relationship with her boyfriend Ryan. Eventually, after much thought, she finally decides to break things off.

DASH Doll Taylor and her boyfriend Ryan, have been together for over a year. She says that she loves him but after being with him for a while, she says that she’s starting to question why she’s with him.

She says that he’s been very supportive of her and her dreams, but the two of them have been fighting a lot lately. She is starting to feel claustrophobic in the relationship and her friends and colleagues are starting to notice the negative effects on her personality.

Taylor lives with fellow DASH Dolls Durrani and Melody in what they call the “Doll House” and the other girls are starting to feel like Taylor needs to get out of her relationship. They hold a barbeque at the house but Ryan unexpectedly shows up and ruins the mood.

Soon after, Taylor and Ryan get into a fight while they are out clubbing. When Ryan gets physically and verbally abusive, Taylor decides that she’s had enough. She refuses to talk to him the next day. Unable to reach her phone, Ryan turns up at the Doll House.

Taylor doesn’t want to talk to him, but the other girls convince her to settle everything once and for all. They get in Ryan’s car and the other girls stand outside to make sure that their friend is safe. Finally, Ryan gets the point when Taylor refuses to budge.

She manages to break things off even though she doesn’t want to hurt Ryan’s feelings. She eventually sees the advantages of finally having her freedom and starts to look forward into enjoying the single life.

More relationship drama, catfights and other developments are in store for the rest of the season of “DASH Dolls.” The series airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on E!, right after “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”