In this week’s episode of DASH Dolls, the girls go on a camping trip. As if roughing it out isn’t stressful enough, Caroline’s boyfriend rubs people the wrong way. Meanwhile, Durrani has some issues about Shalom and Taylor’s friendship. Elsewhere, Malika is devastated to hear about her ex-boyfriend’s passing.

Now that Caroline and Ronnie are officially dating, she’s starting to introduce him to the other DASH Dolls. He and Melody get along quite well, so she decides to ask him to join a camping trip with the girls and their boyfriends.

Unfortunately, Durrani doesn’t get off to a good start with Ronnie, when she indirectly insults him while asking about his tattoos. She tells the other girls about the tension between them, and this affects Stephanie’s impression of him.

During the camping trip, Stephanie doesn’t take Ronnie’s jokes too well and they end up clashing. She thinks he’s disrespectful, but he thinks that he’s only reacting to her rudeness. In the end, the girls are forced to confront Caroline and tell her to talk to Ronnie. He ends up with his tail between his legs and he tries to make peace with the other girls by being nice and complimenting them.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work and they simply think that he’s pretending. Stephanie tells Caroline that she doesn’t like Ronnie, but considering Stephanie’s own boyfriend problems, Caroline just isn’t keen on taking any relationship advice from her.

As seen in the previous episode, Stephanie’s boyfriend, Colin, ended up in jail after violating conditions of his rehab stint. He has been running into all kinds of trouble and the DASH Dolls all think Stephanie needs to move on.

Elsewhere, Durrani is also having some major issues. Her boyfriend Shalom, has been hanging out a lot with Taylor, one of the other DASH Dolls who lives in the Doll House. Taylor had just broken up with her boyfriend and she’s always had a lot of male friends. She is kind of a tomboy and likes to do things that guys like to do.

After feeling left out on several occasions including the camping trip, Durrani has had enough. As seen in this clip shared by E! Online, she confronts Taylor and tells her how she isn’t comfortable that she and Shalom keep hanging out together. She points out that Taylor can’t be trusted and cited the incident when she kissed Derek, her ex-boyfriend’s friend.

Taylor apologizes for making Durrani feel uncomfortable and assures her that she isn’t going after Shalom. Durrani apologizes in turn, for judging Taylor and the two of them hug it out.

Elsewhere, Malika has bigger boyfriend problems. Her ex-boyfriend has recently been reaching out to her, but she’s been reluctant to get back in touch with him. Shortly after, she learns that he has gotten killed and she ends up completely devastated.

She regrets not returning his calls and going on vacation with him for the last time, like he wanted. Eventually, his sister, Khadija, manages to get her out of bed. She eventually returns to work and tries to move on.

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