“Dating Naked” aired its eighth episode of Season 1 tonight. And boy was it filled with some jaw-dropping moments. Seriously, there was hardly a scene that didn’t force us to scrape out gapping mouths off the floor.

Episode 8 began by introducing “Dating Naked” viewers to the first original daters: Mike, a musician from Philly, and Moenay, a cruise ship dancer with a pretty fabulous physique. The two hit it off almost immediately -- despite the fact Mike was a bit too groomed for Moenay's liking.

“I like to be the girl in the relationship -- like the pretty one and I have a feeling he likes to be pretty too,” Moenay spoke of Mike’s dolled up appearance.

The duo spent their date jet skiing in the ocean, getting closer with each bump of the wave runner. “Like, we’re literally naked on a jet ski and I don’t know you,” Mike began his rant of absurd quotes. “I just wanted to motorboat her. But I didn’t because I’m a gentleman,” he said during his confessional.

But Mike’s chivalrous behavior flew the coop when he laid his eyes on Stephanie, his second date.

“I’m kind of a perfect girlfriend,” Stephanie introduced herself during her confessional. And Mike totally agreed. During their carnival-inspired date Mike could hardly concentrate on winning Stephanie a big, stuffed-bear as his second date strutted around in the nude.

“Stephanie has me distracted with her a**, boobs, face, her boobs. I mean her boobs were just like perfect,” Mike gushed.

However, Moenay didn’t hit it off quite as well with her second date like Mike did with his. “Dan reminds me of an older Abercrombie model,” she said of her 42-year-old date, who also just so happened to be a life coach. Throughout their island-outing Dan constantly kept bringing up odd conversations about “vibrations” and sending good vibes to the universe. This kind of creeped Moenay out – especially because Dan accompanied his bohemian mindset with a chilling stare.

“He’s just giving me this weird stare like he’s trying to steal my soul,” Moenay said. “My dates weird.”

When Moenay and Mike arrived to the jungle villa the two dished about their dates. Moenay seemed to be pretty bummed out that Mike had such a successful experience while hers was a total flop.

“I was hoping Mike had a crappier date so we could bond more,” she said.

Moenay then decided that the only way to mark her territory so to speak was to strip off her clothes to prove she and Mike had chemistry. But little did Moenay know that Stephanie had a physique Mike couldn’t stop gawking at.

“I wouldn’t say Stephanie looks like a Barbie. More like the Jersey Shore version of Barbie. Her body was well paid for,” Moenay quipped.

As Stephanie and Mike got closer during the jungle villa hangout Moenay was forced to spend quality time with Dan. “I’m stuck with old man Dan,” Moenay said before calling it a night.

While Moenay solemnly went to bed alone and disappointed, Mike spent his getting lucky with Stephanie.

“I like having sex earlier in the relationship because if you wait and it’s bad you’re stuck,” he said before shutting his bedroom, giving him and Stephanie a private moment away from cameras.

But if Moenay thought her second date was a disaster then boy was she in for a rude awakening when her third one came about. As Moenay stood butt-naked in a field waiting for her final date a camera went to a shot of a behind-the-scenes image of a man getting dressed.

“My mother said, ‘If you do this you embarrass us all,'” Moenay’s mystery date said. “I’m not going to do it. I won’t do it. I’m done with this.”

Producers then put him on the next flight home but sent the show’s host to break the bad news to a hopeful Moenay.

“For whatever reason your date decided he couldn’t go through with baring it all,” the “Dating Naked” host said.

“I feel robbed at this point,” Moenay replied. “To get stood up it felt heartbreaking. All thing time things just don’t pan out like expected. It took a lot to come her. So you want it to pan out a certain way.”

While Moenay spent her final day in paradise back at the villa with “Old man Dan,” Mike spent his riding through the jungle with his third date Shealyn. Although the two had a great day out Mike revealed that he saw Shealyn more as a friend than a lover.

When the last day in paradise rolled around Mike knew that the pressure was on for him to make the right decision. Should he go with Stephanie, the girl who seemed to fit his hectic lifestyle right now, or Moenay, the woman who seemed to be in it for the long haul? Moenay made the decision for him even tougher when she gave him a passionate kiss and told Mike that she was the more logical choice.

During the final decision, Moenay opted for Mike. But not before she revealed that originally she wanted to pick no one.

Mike, however, didn’t share the same feelings as his first date.

“The girl I’m going to pick today is Stephanie. I’m a risk taker and I want to start something with Stephanie,” he said, shocking viewers.

Although Moenay left the jungle single tonight that doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t have another shot at naked love! According to “Dating Naked,” the hit VH1 series invited Moenay back to give her another shot at finding her soul mate.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Dating Naked”? Were you shocked with who Mike picked in episode 8?