“Dating Naked” returned for more nudity and drama on Wednesday with episode 3, “Front-Runners and Back Burners.” And from what audiences witnessed in the last, chaotic installment, it’s safe to say that Season 2 of the hit VH1 reality series has no chance of slowing down.

The installment kicked off on a seriously strange note with one of Chris’s potential suitors making a, um… mystical debut. Wearing nothing but a unicorn mask, Mariah galloped up to her date for the big reveal.

“Did I make a great first impression?” Mariah asked, explaining to Chris that the reason she decided to sport the enchanting mask was because she didn’t want to reveal too much at one time. “I [wanted] to make you wonder.”

Mission accomplished, Mariah. Mission accomplished.

But the episode only got stranger as the show’s leads, Chris and Kerri, experienced their fair share of interesting first dates -- from naked massages to getting serenaded by a cowboy. Check out some of episode 3’s wildest moments below and find out which contestant didn't take their elimination too well. (Warning: the following clips are NSFW.)

1. Mariah's Mystical Arrival

2. Ferrets Can't Ride On Planes

3. The Feeling Isn't Mutual

4. Cowboy Crooner

5. Chris Gets Waxed

6. Worst Massage Ever

7. Louie Betrays Kerri

8. No Regrets

9. Bitter Ending

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