“Dating Naked” had us rolling with laughter on Thursday, Sept. 11, when the hit VH1 reality series aired episode 9. During tonight’s episode viewers were introduced to the charming Juliet from England and the cocky Floridian, Sean.

When episode 9 kicked off we knew we were in for a wild ride when Sean revealed during his confessional that he wish he were going out on a date with Amy, the show’s host, rather than Juliet. That pretty much set the tone for the entire episode.

“I’m a good package. I know that can be intimidating to some women,” the conceited contestant said. But Juliet wasn’t too sheepish around her first date. In fact, she put him in his place when she revealed his package was nothing special. “I feel bad,” she cried during her confessional about Sean’s tiny issue.

They spend their date racing one another in a giant bubble. But when Juliet ended up winning Sean revealed just how much of a sore loser he was when he pushed her down. He was relentless as he knocked her down over and over again.

After their tumbling time together the two sat down to share an intimate conversation. But it ended up being a one-sided convo considering Sean refused to let Juliet get a word in. He just couldn’t help but talk about how impressive he is.

“There’s a lot of things interesting about me. I run a marathon last year – like 26 miles,” he said. All Juliet could do was cross her fingers that her next date was a” little more of a gentleman.”

Not only was Juliet’s second date a gentleman but he was also a joker! Cole, who Jackie happened to already know, kept her – and viewers -- laughing throughout their date with his dark sense of humor.

“My friends say I’m a car crash of a human being,” the funny man said.

While Juliet spent her day laughing away Sean spent it sweating. During his second day out Sean pushed his second date, Lovie, the jungle on a bike – or at least he tried to.

“You’ve got too much weight in the front,” Sean said of why he was unable to get Lovie up the hill. Let’s just say Lovie was not too keen on his comment. But that didn’t stop her from trying to make a connection with Sean. Back at the jungle villa Lovie tried to get intimate with him by rubbing aloe on his sunburn. However, Sean said he was completely turned off by how aggressive she was coming on.

Juliet was also getting tired of Cole’s sense of humor. When she tried connecting on a deeper level Cole couldn’t help but crack a few quips, which Juliet didn’t appreciate. The two hoped that their second dates would go better.

Sean was pleased when he saw Jackie, his third and final date, make her island debut. He claimed she had a “great body and chest” but “pretty girls are only worth a dime a dozen.” He attempts to find out if she can “keep up with him mentally” by fooling around with her on the beach.

“If I like a girl I’ll show them, I’ll be aggressive,” Sean said, spraying her in the face with his water gun. “I’m sure she was having fun and getting impressed.”

But Jackie was anything but. “Sean sprayed my like full blast in the face. It as a d*ck move. He’s kind of an a**,” she revealed.

Patrick was Juliet’s third date. And according to Patrick, he felt some “good energy” on his date with Juliet.

“He somewhat took my breath away. It was completely unexpected,” she said during her confessional after Patrick passionately kissed her.

But the third night of the jungle villa was the most dramatic. It began with Cole apologizing to Juliet for not taking his date seriously. He promised so show her a deeper side. And while Juliet was appreciative of Cole’s declaration she still had her hopes set on getting to know Patrick on a more intimate level.

As the two swam around in the pool she leaned over to ask him to sneak away with her to the hammock. But Patrick completely shot her down. Instead her swam over to Lovie where he proclaimed that he wished it was her on the ATV instead.

Juliet watched the two flirt right in front of her. That’s when she decided to ditch the pool and head to her room. Cole noticed Juliet was upset so her chased after her to comfort her. “Cole made me realize that he’s worth considering,” Juliet revealed.

On decision day Patrick met up with Juliet prior to her announcement to apologize. “I felt bad about last night but I hope Juliet gives me time to explain myself,” Patrick said, adding that he hoped would still pick her.

“I have to respect myself. And I’m sure you would, too,” she responded.

When it came time to revealing who Sean and Juliet picked, Sean went first. He said that he wanted to go out on another date with Jackie.

“I think I just won by default,” Jackie said after Sean called her name. “He wasn’t flirtatious on our date it was more him bullying me.” Turns out Jackie wasn’t willing to give Sean a second try. “He should learn to be a nicer guy,” she said.

“I’ve dated girls prettier than her. I say good luck to her,” Sean reacted to getting rejected.

Juliet announced that her final pick was Cole. “Give the court jester a chance to be your king,” the host joked.

The episode ended with Sean upset about Jackie regretting him.

“I’m kind of shocked that Jackie didn’t pick me back. Did you take you medication this morning?”

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