Looks like Kerri’s dry spell is officially over! During episode 8 of “Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps,” the Season 2 female lead of the VH1 dating reality show was introduced to a slew of hot, new suitors – some which swept her off her feet… literally.

“Where do I sign on the dotted line? Because the full package just walked in,” Kerri said during Wednesday night's installment, titled “Passive and Aggressive,” when the show’s newcomer Dan carried her off into paradise. But Kerri’s feelings for the chiseled gentleman soon faded when she learned he wasn’t exactly who she thought he was.

In the Season 2 episode, Kerri watched as her knight in shining armor progressively get drunker and clumsier throughout the night. In fact, it was a rarity not to see Dan sporting a bottle of booze when everyone gathered back at the Thailand bungalow.

“The night started off great, but as the night went on Dan got a little wasted,” Kerri said during her confessional. “And nobody else was really on the level. I was very shocked and it was just a huge turnoff.”

But Dan’s drinking wasn’t the only moment that had audiences leaning forward. Check out some of the wildest moments from episode 8 of “Dating Naked” below:

1. Kerri's Is Sick Of Her Dry Spell

2. Chivalry At It's Finest

3. Kerri Is Swept Off Her Feet

4. Elissa Likes What She Sees

5. Is Age Just A Number?

6. Erica Is Impressed With Chris' Physique 

7. Naked Pogo Sticking Looks... Intense

8. Chris Wants To Take Over The World

9. Dan Gets Jealous

10. Dan Gets Drunk

11. Elissa Asks The Tough Questions

12. Kerri Makes Her "Overwhelming" Decision

13. Chris Goes With His Gut

14. Chris vs. Chimichanga

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