Comedian Dave Chappelle has been in self-imposed exile for years and is making an appearance in an unlikely place: The cover of Prince’s new single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Prince announced the single on Friday, tweeting the “Breakfast Can Wait” cover art depicting Chappelle impersonating the prolific rock star and holding a plate of pancakes. The image comes from a 2004 “Chappelle’s Show” sketch featuring Chappelle dominating on the basketball court while decked out in Prince’s signature purple regalia.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Chappelle’s appearance on the “Breakfast Can Wait” cover is the way Prince debuted the single. For years, Prince has been notoriously hostile toward the Internet, claiming that the web is “over” and attempting to shut down Twitter’s Vince service after hearing bits of his songs in the six-second videos. “Breakfast Can Wait,” however, was premiered through Prince’s Twitter, and fans can even check out a short clip of the song on Youtube. Moves like that might be standard procedure for most bands, but it’s unheard of for the technophobic Prince.

Check out the Prince-centric “Chappelle’s Show” sketch below, as well as a short preview of Prince’s new single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”