Comedy fans across the Internet have been salivating over the new rumor that standup titans Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are considering a joint tour.

During a trip to New York this week, Chappelle, who has stayed mostly out of the public eye since abruptly quitting his Comedy Central series in 2005, has been surprising audiences by making impromptu performances at comedy clubs. He was most recently spotted Tuesday night at the Comedy Cellar on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where he joined Rock onstage.

To a wowed audience, the pair riffed off each other’s jokes and openly bandied about hitting the road in a tour that would almost certainly usurp any series of comedy performances that have come before.

It all began with a surprise. After the normally scheduled show, host of the night William Stephenson beckoned the crowd to remain seated, at which point, The Comics Comic reported, Chappelle jumped onstage and deliver roughly 45 minutes of material. As if that wasn’t enough, he was then joined by Rock, widely considered one of the greatest standups to ever grace the stage.

“Aw, you lucky mother f***ers,” Rock told the small audience.

They discussed the Oscars, President Barack Obama’s recent $20,000-per-plate fundraiser at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, Prince (who in the past admitted he’s a fan of Chappelle’s impression of him), and fellow standup Kevin Hart, who sold out concerts at Madison Square Garden. Even Arsenio Hall came up, but what drew the most attention was when they said that if they could get their schedules to line up, a tour could be in the works.

“Come out to Oakland,” Chappelle told Rock of possible future appearances.

“You should come down to West Palm,” Rock replied. He said it might be possible after he finishes work on a movie scheduled to film in late spring and into the summer.

“I’ve got time between now and the movie,” Rock said. “By Halloween, I could do dates.”

“After Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years,” Chappelle responded.

Rock and Chappelle again hinted at the possibility of a tour when they met onstage again on Wednesday. This time Questlove, drummer for The Roots and regular band member on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," was on hand to live tweet the night’s punchlines.