Dave Chappelle will be returning to the mic as part of a monthlong comedy tour for Funny Or Die. 
The AP reports the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival will be headlined by the 39-year-old comedian. It begins Aug. 23 in Austin, Texas, with 13 dates until it ends up on Sept 22. in Phoenix. 
Chappelle has been lying low for the last few years. He has made just a few appearances at comedy clubs but has remained largely absent from the scene following the ending of his Comedy Central sketch comedy series "Chappelle's Show."
The comedian walked away from the show in 2006, removing himself totally from the public eye and stirring questions and concerns about his whereabouts and well-being. 
Chappelle recently performed several shows in February at New York's Comedy Cellar in impromptu appearances alongside other comics like Chris Rock and Kevin Hart, reports the Huffington Post. 
The Oddball festival will have two stages with other performers including Jim Jefferies, John Mulaney, Demetri Martin and Brody Stevens. Tickets go on sale June 21. More information about the tour is available on its website.

Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival w/ Dave Chappelle & Flight of the Conchords! - watch more funny videos