Heavy metal guitarist Dave Mustaine has gone from playing in Metallica to singing in Megadeth to complaining about suits on Facebook. The 51-year-old rocker was upset enough about a delayed order from Men’s Warehouse to take to his social media page and let his fans know about it.

Mustaine, it seems, had ordered a gift certificate to the men’s store only to find out on Dec. 28 that the order status was still up in the air.

“I know not all of you have the kind of job that requires a suit, or wear a suit when you (if you) go to any kind of faith-based service, court date, wedding or funeral, but if you do … you are going to want to read this,” Mustaine wrote on Megadeth’s official Facebook page. “You know me, I don’t complain much in writing, but I gotta get this off my chest.”

Mustaine described how he went to a Utah Men’s Warehouse store to buy a gift card for his tour manager just days before Christmas before taking a shot at the voice in the Men’s Warehouse commercials. “You know the Men’s Warehouse … the old geezer with the voice that sound like he has chain-smoked since he was a fetus; the one that espouses, 'I absolutely guarantee you’re gonna like the way you look,' or some manure like that, right?”

One of the benefits of being a major musician in the age of social media is having the access that most people – Megadeth fans included – simply don’t.

Dave, thanks for reaching out to us on Facebook. We apologize for the delay in receiving your gift card and agree that the delay is unacceptable,” wrote a Men’s Warehouse representative calling himself simply Joe in the comment section beneath Mustaine’s post. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we stand by our guarantee to deliver world class customer service. So, we’d like to speak with you about a solution but are having some trouble reaching you since we last connected on 12/28. Please send your contact info to MWListens@tmw.com and our team will help you right away.”

A similar message was relayed to Mustaine’s Twitter account, but by Thursday night he hadn’t responded despite tweeted other messages to the public.

The always outspoken rocker has been especially vocal of late, using a recent concert in Singapore to speculate that President Barack Obama had staged the mass shootings in Aurora, Colo., and at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin in order to gain public support for a gun ban.