David Beckham shared his foodie journey with his followers. The retired footballer, who is in Singapore, posted a picture on Instagram of what he himself called an “interesting dish” Tuesday. It looks like he is enjoying his stay in the city.

It is evident through his Instagram post. Beckham’s interesting fish meal consisted of Cod fish sperm. The dish, which is popular in Japan, is also known as Shirako and can be eaten raw or cooked.

The picture shows a soft, slippery white food. It is a popular winter delicacy in Japan and is also known as Shirako. Cod milt has a light texture and subtle taste. The Japanese also call it kiku, or tachi.

The substance is said to melt in the mouth like butter and is made from cod milt, a fancier word for fish sperm. The food is listed among the strangest foods in the world.

Beckham proved that he was adventurous when it comes to food. The foodie’s picture shows cod milt, apparently steamed and served in a bowl with what appears to be soy sauce and a side salad. Another picture shows milt pan-fried and served as nigari, Yahoo repoted. “On to the next one,” he captioned the picture on Instagram.

David is no stranger to fine dining. His and his wife’s good friend Gordon Ramsay currently holds 14 Michelin stars and the couple often dine with the famous chef and his wife Tana in both London and Stateside in LA. When Beckham was in Italy while he was playing in Milan, he did a six-month course at a professional cookery school.

Meanwhile, his kids also seem to share the same love of food. Earlier this year Brooklyn, 16, shared pictures of himself making authentic brick-oven baked pizza. He said that he learnt the art from his dad’s friend Ramsay. The doting brother was teaching his little sister Harper how to make a pizza.

Earlier, the 40-year-old told that his health conscious wife Victoria loved veggies and salads.