Things got a bit frisky Thursday night on the “Late Show” with David Letterman.


The late-night talk show host had “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler on as his guest and was preparing to show a clip of the funnywoman when he moved closer to her to introduce the clip. However, Poehler misunderstood the gesture.


"Oh, I thought you were going to go in for a kiss," Poehler said with a laugh.


Without skipping a beat, Letterman grabbed Poehler's arm, brought her even closer and planted one on her lips, with the crowd laughing uproariously.


The two chuckled and thanked each other before Letterman gave a kicker to his audience.


Tell that to your little buddies back there at NBC,” Letterman said. NBC is the network home of “Parks and Recreation.”


In September, many of Poehler's fans were surprised to learn that her comedy power-couple marriage to Will Arnett was ending after nine years of marriage.