David Letterman's staff lover Stephanie Birkitt, 34 apparently cheated on boyfriend Robert Halderman with the Late Show host, 62 the New York Post reports.

Watch here a picture of Birkitt

Halderman is the CBS producer that is accused of trying to exhort Letterman threatening to release private information about his behavior with women from his staff.

Letterman and Birkitt continued their romantic affair even after she moved in with Halderman, the New York Post reports Tuesday citing Birkitt's diary. Birkitt enjoyed a hike with Letterman in his ranch in eastern Montana as recent as last fall, the paper said.

Birkitt also told Halderman she was Letterman's best friend and they had just a platonic relationship, the New York Post noted.

Letterman did such things as drive Birkitt to the home she shared with Halderman, and even offered hera job as his personal lawyer after she graduated from Benjamin Cardozo Law School, the Post reported.

Letterman married to long time girlfriend Regina Lasko in March 2009, in the same ranch.