Despite the decline of soap operas, NBC's Days of our Lives is set to renewing its writing team, cast editions, and a new producing team under executive producer Ken Corday.

Corday plans to reset the long-running hit series by focusing on beloved characters and romance. It's time to make a more positive, romantice, and intriguing show driven by the power of heroic love. I'm very excited about the new adventure we are about to take which is based on the show that my parents created 45 years ago.

A new writing team headed by Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas plan to shift the show's direction and tell contemporary stories based on the show's history of family, romance, and intrigue. The duo expect fans to stay and longtime fans to return.

Co-executive producers Noel Maxam and Greg Meng will work together to translate compelling stories to the screen with a refreshed look.

Ken Corday commented, I am confident these changes will bring back excitement and anticipation to our family of fans as they tune in each day to see what happens. You won't want to miss a single episode of the new 'Days' ahead!

Expect big surprises to come to Salem.