Monday's episode of NBC's "Days of Our Lives" focused on the following characters: Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Serena (Melissa Archer), J.J. (Casey Moss), Paige (True O'Brien), Eve (Kassie DePaiva), Cole (Riley Bodenstab), Will (Guy Wilson), Paul (Christopher Sean), Sonny (Freddie Smith), John (Drake Hogestyn) and Justin (Wally Kurth).

The episode was about Nicole starting to uncover Serena’s secret. It also showed J.J. planning to trap Eve and Will when he got home. Click here and here to see photos from the episode, including a picture of Eve wearing a black sleeveless dress and Nicole wearing a red sleeveless shirt as she thinks about Serena’s secret.

J.J. pushed Eve to implicate herself. As for Will, he unexpectedly saw Paul at his home. Daniel also got mad at Nicole. Part of the reason for Daniel’s anger was jealousy. Serena told him about Nicole spending time with Xander.

Nicole noticed that Xander had the elephant photo on his phone. She tried to find out how he is connected to Serena and her secret. But her snooping was abruptly stopped when Serena called Xander to tell him that she would come by his place.

Cole and Paige had a conversation at Salem University. Paige accused Cole of framing J.J. She even threatened to call the cops on him. But Cole told her she should be with someone other than J.J. Paige thinks Cole is crazy and the feeling is mutual.

Sonny and Justin met up at the coffee house to talk about Paul’s return to Salem. As for Paul, he was busy talking to John about Theresa. Paul was remorseful about leading Theresa on in the past. Paul also confessed to John that he already saw Sonny when he came back to Salem.

After their conversation, Justin and John bumped into each other in the square. It was their turn to talk about Paul and Sonny’s complicated lives. Click here to see the “DOOL” preview for the week of May 18, also from the show’s official website on NBC.

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