Monday's episode of the NBC soap opera "'Days Of Our Lives" is about Xander's hot pursuit of Nicole and Eric. The episode will focus on Xander (Paul Telfer), Eric (Greg Vaughan), Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Abigail (Kate Mansi), Paige (True O'Brien), Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), Brady (Eric Martsolf), J.J. (Casey Moss) and Theresa (Jen Lilley).

The events follow Friday's episode, which showed Xander getting closer to finding Nicole and Eric's hideaway. Jennifer also caught Eve in a suspicious situation. As for J.J., he turned to Bev for comfort as he tried to get over Paige. Bev found J.J. leaving the park and she asked him how he was holding up. J.J. took off, and Bev couldn't resist following him because she didn't like to see him upset.

It was also revealed that J.J.'s plans didn't work out as he'd hoped. Jenn saw Eve at Marlena's computer. Eve tried to cover up her suspicious act. Jenn also brought up Laura and Jack's fling, which happened in the past. Eric realized that Nicole is the only woman who's ever truly loved him. Plus, Will asked a favor from Kate.

Paige went to Eve's place to get her stuff but she still refused to talk to her mom. Paul saw Sonny in the woods and showed him Kate's offer. Sonny thought it was a great idea. Sonny realized that it was Justin's idea all along. Paul said that he'd give the money to charity.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. TV Guide reports that in Monday’s episode, Xander will lead Nicole and Eric to a path that they didn't expect to take as he continues to pursue them. Meanwhile, Paige and J.J. will both try to move on with their lives. Abigail will choose to move forward with Ben as she tries to forget Chad. Plus, Brady will offer something surprising for Theresa. reports that Paige and J.J.'s lives will continue to clash as they both try to forget each other. The show posted a weekly preview video as well as several sneak-peek photos of the cast on its official website. Click here to see the video. Click here to see a photo of Xander with a gun as he tries hard to look for Eric and Nicole. Click here to see a photo of Brady talking to Theresa about his surprising offer.