Next week's episodes of NBC's "Days of Our Lives" will feature more shocking revelations, rejections and intimacy. The story line also includes a problematic couple setting aside their differences in order to make time for a special day.

The June 8-12 episodes will feature the following characters: Sonny (Freddie Smith), Will (Guy Wilson), Abigail (Kate Mansi), Chad (Billy Flynn), Clyde (James Read), J.J. (Casey Moss), Paige, Brady (Eric Martsolf), Theresa (True O'Brien) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo).

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Days of Our Lives” spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. Soap Central reports that next week, a resident of Salem will play a risky game. Unfortunately, the cost of playing that game might be too much. Meanwhile, someone will be heartbroken. As for two ex-lovers, they will continue to be pulled into each other. Plus, another explosive truth will be revealed. reports that Abigail and Chad will continue getting intimate. As for Sonny and Will, they will both attend Arianna's birthday party. Their problems will be set aside because of the party.

Meanwhile, Hope thinks that Clyde might be involved with the stabbing of Sonny. Stefano will also return to Salem. This will cause Chad to become even more suspicious of Stefano. Plus, Paige will reject J.J. when he tries to rescue her. And, Brady will corner Theresa.

"Days of Our Lives" fans can also look forward to the summer, which will show John and Marlena attempting to reunite. As for Aiden and Hope, romance will be in the cards for them. Unfortunately, Rafe will start to like Hope.

Chloe will also come back to Salem. But she won't like Nicole's presence in Parker's life. Ben will ask Abby to move in with him. But now that she is interested in Chad, she will hesitate in accepting Ben's offer.

Plus, Serena will uncover something about Eric and Nicole that could ruin Daniel and Nicole's relationship. And, Thaao Penghlis will return as his character Andre. He will have a showdown with John. Click here to visit the "Days of Our Lives" website to see sneak peek photos of episodes as well as the weekly preview video.