“Dead Rising: Watchtower,” an original zombie movie based on the hugely popular “Dead Rising” games from Capcom, will soon be available for digital purchase or rent through all major digital retailers, according to a Legendary Entertainment press relase. Fans will be able to download and enjoy the film on July 1 when it becomes available to all major digital platforms, so fans of the Capcom game or zombie movies in general can purchase it anywhere.

The film’s story is reminiscent of the first “Dead Rising” game, but it features a host of different characters. The film follows Chase Carter, played by Jesse Metcalfe from “John Tucker Must Die” and “Desperate Housewives,” as he looks for a big story to make him a star reporter. But after a zombie outbreak, it seems he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Fans of the game will feel right at home with the film, as the story of Chase Carter isn’t that far off from the story of Frank West, the protagonist of the first “Dead Rising” game on Xbox 360, who will be played by Rob Riggle in the film. West was also a reporter who just happened to stumble upon a zombie outbreak and was forced to make some hard decisions to ensure his survival.

Legendary Entertainment will be releasing the film as part of an interesting film experiment, as reported by Gamespot. The company will also be releasing “Jurassic World” later this month and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” next year, among other films.

Currently, there are only three “Dead Rising” games, but they’ve all been quite poplar with fans of the zombie genre, thanks to the series' customizable outfits and weapons that have remained in all three games. The first and third games of the series were Microsoft-exclusive, whereas the second game managed to get a release on PlayStation 3, though the Xbox 360 version had features that the PS3 version did not have.

“Dead Rising: Watchtower” will be available worldwide on all digital platforms. A sequel has been confirmed by the film’s Facebook page and will debut sometime in July 2016.

Dead Rising: Watchtower (Credit: YouTube/Content Movies)